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I was sitting on sea ice when I heard a little peep over my shoulder.
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 maximus chatsky
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"I become attached to people I shouldn’t. I distance myself from the people who matter. I am bad with people. I am good at being alone. But I hate being lonely."
P.P.  (via 13thmoon)
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Don’t Forget To Say I Love You
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moriartysama asked: Once you get this, you have to say 5 nice things about yourself publicly, then send it to 10 of your favorite followers. ♥

Aw, we don’t talk for such a long time! Thank you! This came in a right time, haha

  1. If I want something, I do anything to get it. I really work that hard.
  2. I try to make friends to everyone and do my best do keep ‘em.
  3. I guess I’m proud of who I am.
  4. I try to help people sometimes.
  5. And I am good at understanding and investigating things.
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